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Cable plug BNC Rear Twist 75 Ohm


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The rearTWIST HD BNC cable connector offers a true 75 Ω design and is perfectly suitable for HD applications. The patented rearTWIST boot guarantees easy access even in high density applications and offers color coding.Suitable cables: Belden 8241, CAE KX6A, Canare LV-61S, Cordial CVI (CVM) 06-37, CommScope 5563, Draka 0.6/3.7, Draka 0.6L/3.7, Proel HPC 805, RG59B/U, Sommer 600-0051 (M,L,S), Sommer 600-0054 (M,L,S), Klotz V06/37, Nexans HF 75 0,6/3,7 2YCY, Percon VK95Crimp size: Pin: 1.6 mm (square) Shield: 6.47 mm (hex)


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