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HDMI-Converter HDMI-Ingang - VGA Female 15-Pins / 1x 3.5mm / 1x Coax Audio


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Converts HDMI signals to VGA output Supports analog/digital audio Superior video quality: up to 1080p; 1920 x 1200 Features a built in high-performance scaler function for best image quality A premium scaling engine that converts various input video resolutions into the display's native resolution, while adjusts picture ratio automatically for maximum viewing comfort 3D Deinterlacing: increases image clarity for ultimate viewing quality by processing and scanning digital video signals Features a superior de-interlacer function for smooth video playback quality Built-in OSD function for video and system settings configuration Integrated superior video noise reduction Integrated next generation color engine: automatic picture quality/color adjustment and enhancement Automatically detects video input signals LED indication of power status and source device No software required; eliminates incompatibility and installation issues


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