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AA/AAA NiMH Batterij Lader 4x AA/HR6 2000 mAh


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New Pro-Charger designed for easy usage and charging needs. The perfect solution for all your power needs PRODUCT SPECS The Energizer® Pro-Charger can tell you: •Energizer® Rechargeable - The #1 selling rechargeable battery brand in the world (based on scan data) •When your rechargeable batteries will be fully charged - so you can leave them to it •How full your rechargeable batteries are - so you always have enough power for the job •If your rechargeable batteries can still receive a charge - so you know when to replace them •When a non-rechargeable, or old battery is in the charger - a red X instantly appears •The Energizer® Pro-Charger charges four AA, or AAA, rechargeable batteries in 3 to 6 hours. It’s powered from the mains and with its built-in over-charge protection, it maximizes cycle of the cells.


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