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Lithium Batterij AA 1.5 V Ultimate 4-Promotional Blister


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ENERGIZER ULTIMATE LITHIUM • The world’s longest lasting AA & AAA batteries in high tech devices • Up to 11× longer* battery life in Digital Still Cameras, up to 11× less waste** • Long 20-year storage life • Weigh 33% less versus standard alkaline batteries - so you carry less with you • Stable performance in extreme temperatures - from -40°C to +60°C. So you can do more wherever you go, no matter how hot or cold it gets • Leak-resistant construction - so you never need to worry • *in high drain Digital Cameras vs. Energizer® Standard Alkaline; results vary by device. **use less batteries, create less waste. This will work in your: Video Camera, Large Torch, Wireless Gaming Control, Camera, Torch, Remote, Portable Gaming, Medical Equipment, Walkie Talkie, GPS, Toy Car, Big Toy, Digital SLR, Baby Monitor, Personal Organiser


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